About Us

The business was started by a Booz Allen & Hamilton alumnus. His experience at Booz exposed him to the extraordinary level of talent within the top consulting firms and he built the business on the premise that such talent could make significant contributions to other sectors of commerce and industry. From the early and very successful days, when most of the clients were leading consulting firms, the business has evolved to work in addition with industrial and commercial clients.

The product remains the same although it has been much extended and developed. ADD provides its clients with access to an extraordinary network of people with any or all of the following –

  • a world-class educational background,
  • a top level consulting background or
  • a high profile job with a significant strategic content.

The scope is global, but with a definite focus on Europe with major engagements in Germany, France, Scandinavia, Italy and Spain as well as the UK and in addition major projects in SE Asia and the Middle East. The firm’s networks and penetrative access to a unique selection of candidates in all these locations has been built up over many years and many successful engagements and, in Europe, is second to none.

We work at a range of levels dependent on the sector and specifics of the role, with most of our work at mid- to senior-level searches. As an indicator, most successful candidates would be earning £100k+.