Which firms are best at developing leaders? McKinsey is up there.

A study by Fortune and Aon Hewitt Consulting, investigates a range of factors around leadership development, including leadership strategy, succession planning and techniques for identifying high-potential junior employees. They have produced a Top 25, recognising those companies that do it best.

Interestingly, non-US firms do better than they did in the last survey. Two years ago, 17 of the top 25 companies based in the U.S., this year it is only 13. Five of the top 25 are Indian firms, but only one is UK based Рwell done Unilever which comes in at 19th.

One thing that stands out is the creative approach which these companies take to leadership development and the report highlights how companies establish initiatives that fit with their national and corporate cultures.

McKinsey is ranked 17th in the list. The report identifies the extremely strong mentoring system as being a major contributor to this. Our experience, working with many McKinsey consultants and alumni over the years, certainly echos this. We might expect to see some of the other top strat houses on the winners list in the not too distant future. ADD Resources is engaged on a project to extend this Рthrough our network of distinguished alumni of leading strategy consulting firms we will be exploring how strategy consulting experience has helped shape their impressive careers.

We like Fortune’s world map which features the top 25 companies and shows where they are headquartered…

The Fortune article can be found here.