India’s strat firms¬†see rise in international applications

The Economic Times reports that the elite from India’s IIM may soon be facing strong competition from MBA graduates from the rest of the world. With the shifting balance of power in the global economy, the world’s top MBA grads are placing increasing value on experience gained¬†in India and China.

The premier strat houses in India –¬†Bain, BCG and AT Kearney –¬†report an increase in international¬†applications from top business schools including Harvard, Wharton, Kellogg, Stanford, and INSEAD. Whilst most¬†are from applicants of Indian origin, this is also starting to broaden to more non-Indian students. Whilst at present the graduates of IIM and India’s other top business schools make up 90% of the strat houses hires, there are signs that this could be about to change, with some firms looking more proactively at sourcing the best talent from around the world.

Read the Economic Times article here.