Our work in Financial Services

We have discovered a good natural fit between many areas of financial services and the strong intellect, analytic skills and strategic mindsets of the people we specialise in working with.

ADD has enjoyed significant success working with strategy and corporate development teams across a range of organisations.  We have also been particularly successful sourcing world class  Sell Side and Buy Side Equity Research Analysts, M&A Specialists and Fund Managers.

Case Study: Sourcing of World Class Analysts

Our introduction to this leading Financial institution was typical of much of our work.  The client – the Global Head of Equity Research – was an ex strategy consulting firm Partner and had a clear vision of the kind of people he wanted to recruit to join his world class Equity Research team.  When we met he had just terminated a commission he had given to one of the major international search firms because they did not seem able to grasp the special nature of his requirements. He abandoned this firm and came to ADD because his requirements were exactly in our sweet spot.

To be more specific, the client was actively seeking to differentiate their team by hiring star individuals from outside of equity research. In particular they wanted people with a world class education probably including an MBA from one of the top international business schools. They also had to be highly competent at strategic analysis,  probably through training in one of the top ranked strategy consulting firms. They had to be passionate about an industry sector and probably would have worked at a senior (Director) level within it.  Then there were the soft skills, which make a good candidate into a great candidate.  A very tough specification to meet.

When the engagement was first commissioned we were asked to find Analysts for 3 industry sectors.  Being new to the client we agreed to a trial contract of 6 months which had performance measures built into it.  Simply stated we were contracted to deliver at least 4 candidates meeting the demanding job specification every month for 6 months.

We put our best team onto the job and we were so successful that the 6 month engagement was extended not once but 5 times and our relationship has lasted for nearly 4 years.

It is important to note that the interview and selection process in this client is amongst the toughest we have encountered and just to get to first interview was a real achievement for a candidate. If they were successful at the first round they could expect anything up to 25 further interviews concluding with meetings in the US and the hit rate was only one in 10 candidates interviewed by the client would be made an offer.

Our project was limited to appointments in the UK, but our search universe was global. Our networks and the candidates we approached came literally from all over the globe and this is reflected in the appointments made.

In total during, to date,  we have been behind 15 appointments in a couple of sections of the firm but mainly for Sell Side Analysts.

Most of the candidates we sourced had never thought about a career move to Analyst and many had to be persuaded that it was not the junior role the job title implied. In fact all of the appointments we contributed to were for people earning well into 6 figures and on a few occasions beyond.  Our job then was not only to source outstanding people with the right profile but also convince them to completely change their career path. It was here that we believe we added enormous value mainly because we truly understand the motivations and psyche of the exceptional people typically with top strategy firm experience.

The final step in the process was closing.  Our deals with clients are invariably constructed so that our fees are disconnected from the final earnings of the candidate appointed and this too was critical to our success.  None of the candidates who were made offers refused.  We acted as middle man, managing expectations and making sure that closure happened.

We are proud to have felt part of the team who have delivered this success and made such a large contribution to the growth of the firm’s extraordinary team of Analysts,  4 of whom are top ranked by Extel and a further 6 are in the top 5.