Working with corporates across industries

A move into industry is a natural progression for many ex-strategy consultants.

The first class training in strategic thinking and problem solving together with the industry specialism developed by consultants in the premier firms has proven to be of enormous value in both senior strategy roles and line roles in corporates.  We have worked successfully with a range of businesses from major international corporations to start ups with placements which include Strategy Directors/Managers, Divisional and Functional Directors, CEOs, Non Exec Directors.

ADD has  extensive experience of identifying and assessing the key factors for success in the new environment and we are extremely well equipped to coach individuals through this transition.

Case Study: Sourcing a Strategist for major UK Manufacturing Plc

Our client was a global and successful component manufacturing and supply business.

The company was in the midst of a major strategic reorganisation; the board had been reconstructed and a new Group Business Development Director with responsibility for corporate strategy appointed.  The person filling this role was well known to ADD and he contacted us because he felt he needed a strong number two with a demonstrated strategy background.

This classical role had involvement in all areas of corporate strategy;

  • strategic reviews, strategy development and implementation,
  • execution of key strategic and operational improvement projects,
  • input into internal and external communications,
  • involvement in and potentially leading merger, acquisition and divestment activities,
  • key member of management team supporting and driving the on-going change management programme

With the annual strategic review process about to start, there was significant pressure to appoint someone to be a part of this, which meant that an offer needed to be made within 2 months of starting the project.  Normally we advise clients that to reach this stage would take around 3 months, but we rose to the challenge.

The requirement was to find an individual with an excellent educational background and experience closely connected to strategic planning and execution, ideally trained in a top strat consulting firm. They needed to bring exposure to M&A deals and an understanding of the manufacturing sector.

Our early discussions with the client confirmed his view that our boutique specialism would mean very fast access to relevant candidates and that we would be able to dedicate resources to meet his tough deadline.

Once we commenced the project our networks amongst strategy professionals meant we exceeded expectations in all respects.  Within three weeks of the engagement letter being signed, we had a very strong short list of 7 candidates.  Client interviews took place as soon as possible after this and an offer was made and accepted roughly 6 weeks after the search began.

The 7 candidates presented were all very close matches with the target spec. The client had difficulty choosing the best person and in fact could have hired more than one had the right opportunities existed. The person appointed was a top flight near term partner from a leading strategy firm.

Changing career from a strategy consulting firm to a corporate is not straightforward and usually means a drop in earnings.  ADD played a valuable role in the closure discussions to help the selected candidate work through these tough issues and help the client manage expectations to produce a successful outcome.