Monetise your network

This is an invitation to work with ADD-Resources and share in our growth and our success.  We only outline the proposition here, should it prove interesting there is a full training course and a contract we will sign with you.

Headhunting is a good business providing contracts are sold.  We are very skilled at finding candidates and can add a lot of value to the client and the candidate throughout the recruitment process, we invariably succeed once we have a search engagement and success means high value fees.   But without a sale this expertise is of no value and there are no fees.

Almost all of our new business in the past has come from referrals, people we have worked with before or candidates.  This is a proud record but it is not the only way to grow a business and it also is a route to complacency.  It does however prove that selling to existing networks works, and it this which we invite you to consider.

We have a very specialist product and we know that when it is presented to clients, our experience, track record and way of working are very convincing and more often than not result in an easy sale.  This is especially true when we talk to industrial corporates who are looking for a strategy specialist.

Just a few words about our product, we are experts at finding strategy trained professionals for a range of jobs.  Invariably this means people with exceptionally strong educational backgrounds and intellects and often they have been trained in a leading consulting firm like McKinsey or BCG.  Such people, in mid to senior career, tend to be very well paid.   The jobs that such people fill can be within Financial Institutions, Industry generally or Consulting in its many forms.

We invite you to talk to your connections about what ADD does and if there are vacancies that just might be right for our specialism, then there are a couple of options to close a sale and deliver product. They are …..

  • ADD follows up on your introduction and you receive an introduction fee.
  • Use ADD’s engine room of candidate generation and quality procedures under your own or your company’s name.

There are pros and cons for both of these options; however, in both cases, the financial returns can be very high.

If this interests you and you would like to learn more then please contact one of our Partners by clicking here.