BCG investigate Donkeys in Indian cricket team

The Boston Consulting Group will now adapt its famed BCG growth-share matrix to investigate Nasser Hussain’s donkey remark in reference to Indian fielders. The BCCI has roped in the strategy consultants to carry out an objective assessment of the players and identify the donkeys in the team.

According to this framework, the players would now be categorized as follows:

Stars: Players whose ground fielding and catching are exceptional.

Action: Teach them batting/bowling.

Safe hands: Players who take catches safely but would rather die before they dive.

Action: Cut down on the KFC bucket.

Donkeys: Players who can’t do either even in their dreams.

Action: If the player is one of the big four, spread rumours about his retirement, else kick him out.

Question marks: Players who cannot catch for nuts, but are otherwise good fielders.

Action: BCG hasn’t figured out what to do with such players which is why they labeled them question marks in the first place.

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