Kingfisher launches Sustainability Strategy

New role created to lead Corporate Reponsibility Strategy

Kingfisher Net Positive is a commitment to create a net positive impact from business operations by putting more back in than the company takes out.

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Strategic alignment & culture are key to R&D success

…delivering 30%┬áhigher value growth for firms achieving both

Strategic alignment of innovation strategy with overall corporate strategy and a corporate culture which is supportive of innovation, are more important than R&D spend to drive results. These are the findings of The Annual Booz & Co. Innovation Study.


Fortune’s World Map of Leadership Development

Which firms are best at developing leaders? McKinsey is up there.

A study by Fortune and Aon Hewitt Consulting, investigates a range of factors around leadership development, including leadership strategy, succession planning and techniques for identifying high-potential junior employees. They have produced a Top 25, recognising those companies that do it best.

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Getting New Perspectives on Strategic Risk

Report highlights importance of looking past short term challenges

A report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Getting New Perspectives on Strategic Risk, highlights the dangers of adopting an unbalanced focus on the short term during strategic planning and risk management processes – a focus which tends to be encouraged by today’s institutional and incentive structures.

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Strategy Innovation Amongst Lawyers

Irwin Mitchell leads the way in FT Awards

Winning an accolade for its innovative corporate strategy at the FT Innovative Lawyers Awards, Irwin Mitchell cemented their place as a leading UK law firm. The FT report describes how a ‘suite of initiatives makes this one of the most groundbreaking, best-known law firms in the UK’.

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