Report identifies lack of strategic talent management

60% of companies without strategy to win, develop and retain talent

A survey of over 2000 executives, conducted jointly by BCG and the European Association for People Management, found that talent management and leadership development remain the most important HR challenges in Europe.  60% of respondents said that these issues, which are critical for success, are insufficiently managed. There is therefore a significant opportunity for HR professionals to take a strategic role and adopt a fact-based analytical approach to ensure they are contributing to corporate success.

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Inside the Minds of MBA Applicants

Economic climate hasn’t dented the popularity of top MBA’s

Veritas Prep, the GMAT prep and admissions consulting provider, has released the results of their annual research into what MBA applicants are thinking.

67% of applicants said they would still apply for an MBA, even if statistics on job placement in the desired field were poor.  15% said they would postpone until placement rates improved, up from 13% last year.

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L.E.K. engage with candidates via social media

New blog provides interactive platform for potential candidates

L.E.K. are now using a range of social media platforms to give engage with potential candidates at all levels. The blog provides information and advice about careers in strategy consulting and at L.E.K. in particular, as well as insight into the recruitment process.  L.E.K. consultants will answer questions and contribute thoughts and advice across all of these areas. Continue reading “L.E.K. engage with candidates via social media” »


The value of alumni networks…

…up or out – but still good friends

Interesting research from INSEAD highlights why the high turnover in consulting firms can be healthy.  The social capital of departed employees can be extremely valuable in gaining industry insight and ideas as well as more direct introductions to new organisations, and of course potential clients. The revered alumni networks are key to this.  See the original INSEAD article,

ADD is shortly to commence some further research into post-consulting careers and the role of the alumni networks. Findings will be posted here later in the year.