Women Aren’t Making C-Suite, let alone Board

INSEAD Professor, Herminia Ibarra, reviews the research.

Investigating why women account for only 1.5% of CEOs in the world’s top 2000 performing companies, she finds three key themes:

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McKinsey on What Women in Business Want

Survey finds women increasingly confident of becoming leaders.

Approximately 2,500 college educated men and women were surveyed and the results showed that women who make the leap from entry level jobs to middle management and then on to senior management are not only interested in becoming leaders, but they are also increasingly confident that they can. Continue reading “McKinsey on What Women in Business Want” »


Report identifies lack of strategic talent management

60% of companies without strategy to win, develop and retain talent

A survey of over 2000 executives, conducted jointly by BCG and the European Association for People Management, found that talent management and leadership development remain the most important HR challenges in Europe.  60% of respondents said that these issues, which are critical for success, are insufficiently managed. There is therefore a significant opportunity for HR professionals to take a strategic role and adopt a fact-based analytical approach to ensure they are contributing to corporate success.

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