How will the graduates of India’s newest business schools fare?

We have always been impressed with the calibre of IIM graduates, who have earned their places alongside the graduates of the world’s leading business schools.┬áBut how will recruiters view the graduates of the six new IIM schools (Ranchi, Rohtak, Raipur, Thiruchirapalli, Kashipur and Udaipur)?

Of course, any new establishment needs a chance to prove itself.  So, the soon-to-be graduates from the new schools will be the test cases and no doubt face a tougher time than graduates from the more established schools.

The new IIMs seem to have realistic expectations for their first year and have been working closely with students and recruiting firms in an attempt to get the best possible results. There are encouraging reports of a healthy MBA job market coming from some of the older IIMs, so hopefully the opportunities filter down to the new schools.

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